Boudoir Session Experience

How would you describe your overall boudoir session experience?
My experience was great, better than I could have ever thought or prepared myself for. It was not only a fun experience but also an empowering one. Aaron and Elizabeth made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire thing. _MG_0235-Edit

List the outfits you brought and where you bought them.
I read a lot about what things to bring/wear when doing a photo session similar to this one. I did not go out and buy anything for this session in particular, and I would not have known what to get. I put together things I already owned and loved, and that way I knew I would feel confident in them and that they looked good on my body. I wore a slip that I bought from Victoria’s secret previously. I wore a pair of high-waisted underwear that I paired with a plain black bra both from Victoria’s secret as well. I came into my session not knowing anything about lingerie, and Elizabeth was so helpful in choosing outfits that would not only compliment me, but would also look good on the camera.
What kind of vibe were you going for? Do you think we pulled it off?
I am not really sure that I was planning on going for any certain vibe when it came to my session. I mostly just wanted to look and feel confident and to have that confidence radiate from me and be captured onto the camera in order to produce a good picture. I did, however, want my photos to have a genuine look to them. I wanted to look ”done-up” and put together but to have an everyday feel as well. I do believe what I wanted was successfully pulled off.

Were you nervous about anything the shoot beforehand? If so, what? Did you become more comfortable after the session started? If so, what helped to relax your nerves?
I was extremely nervous. I couldn’t tell you how many times I looked up tips or what to expect lists for similar sessions to get a feel of what I was getting myself into. On top of just the idea of what it was going to be like giving me nerves, actually going there and changing into some of my outfits was incredibly nerve-racking. As soon as I walked into the studio my nerves seem to have somewhat lifted. The vibe was very relaxing, comforting and professional. Elizabeth took the extra time out to talk to me about how the session was going to run, what outfits I brought and what she thought would look best on camera, and talked to me about why I wanted to do this and what I wanted from it. _MG_0300-Edit

What advice do you have for others getting their boudoir pictures taken?
Whether you are in a relationship or not, I think that this is something that all women should do. We all have bad days where we think we aren’t the prettiest or the thinnest or the sexiest. This will make you feel like you are gorgeous and can help give you the confidence on those bad days. I know that when I am having a day that I don’t want to leave my house because every piece of clothing I put on makes me look huge, I will look at my book and see just that I am perfect just the way I am and a little bit of confidence will only accentuate that.

What was your reason for doing the boudoir session? (a gift for him, yourself, wedding present, anniversary, etc.)
Not to sound cliche here, but originally it was as a gift for my boyfriend, but just like most females, it turned into a gift to myself.


What are some of your favorite pastimes or hobbies? What about skills?
I am a full-time student and I have two jobs. I don’t get a lot of free-time to do much, but when I do I like to do things that help people. I am a volunteer EMT and work with children with disabilities. I love sporting events and concerts.

What was your favorite part of the session?
I liked laughing about all of the quirky positions Elizabeth made me contort my body into and thinking in my head ”man I hope that my pictures don’t turn out as awkward looking as how I feel my body looks in them” and then coming to watch my slideshow and loving every single photo that was taken to the point that I couldn’t narrow down my pictures.



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