Classy Lady

Ooh la la!  Today I have a very special boudoir blog post for you.  It features a classy lady who was an absolute pleasure to photograph.  As you can see, she is very easy to photograph.

We met for the first time at our studio for her session.  She did her own hair and makeup.  She brought two outfits changes for her session and I loved them both.  She had a leopard bra and underwear with a base guitar for her first outfit.  Her husband plays the base guitar!  For her second outfit she has a lingerie dress from Victoria’s Secret.  That was her favorite because it was delicate and pretty.

We talked before we started the session, and decided to go for a sexy but classy look.  I think we pulled it off!

Here is what she has to say about her session: “It was a little scary being that vulnerable, but Elizabeth and Aaron were great and helped me to feel more at ease.  I am glad I did it because this is not something I would usually do and I love feeling that breaking out of your shell feeling.”

She is a math nerd, who likes traveling the world learning about other cultures and places.  She also likes running, art, photography, college football, her puppy, and going out with friends and family.

She had two reasons for doing a boudoir session: 1. She wanted to try it just to say she tried it!  Might as well have some memories from when you are young and in good shape!  2. For a gift to her husband on their first anniversary.  She knew he would be surprised she did something like this.

Here is some advice she has for others getting boudoir pictures taken: “Wear something you feel comfortable and pretty in.  If you are not comfortable, there is no reason to be in a picture wearing it.  It is always good to break out of your shell, but don’t force yourself into breaking out of it more than need.  Also, remember this one, have fun with it!!!!! there should not be any other reason you are doing it!!

Her favorite part of the session was:  Observing the direction she got.  She has always been interested in photography, so she liked observing what positions I put her in, what lighting Aaron used, and how I adjusted my camera.

I’m glad to hear she had such a positive experience!  Without further adieu, the classy lady!







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