That’s Just Amazing

That’s Just Amazing

Today I’m featuring Sam, a breathtaking woman I photographed a few weeks ago at our studio.  This session was special because, she booked the boudoir session for a Valentine’s Day present for her boyfriend. While he was absolutely ecstatic about receiving the photos, Sam discovered the session was largely for her, too. “I feel so empowered to see myself in this beautiful, sexy light! I know I will love these photos for years to come.”


As you can see, Sam is incredibly beautiful, but looks aren’t the only thing she’s got going on.  Sam is a young professional here in the Twin Cities. When she’s not working, she loves spending time volunteering in the local community and is involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Pet Haven, an animal rescue group. Sam is also a big fan of brunching and love exploring the Minneapolis food scene, one mimosa and omelet at a time!

Even though she was a little nervous before our shoot (who wouldn’t be?), Sam was able to relax pretty quickly and we got some gorgeous shots.  Here is a few words from Sam:  “Yes!! I was definitely nervous and shy to shed down to panties and heels and pose in funny positions, but as soon as I saw some of the shots on the camera, I realized it was not at all crazy—it was beautiful! Aaron and Elizabeth were able to capture my personality in the pictures, and we all had fun doing it! It was definitely a wild experience, but worth the initial nerves to end up with such amazing results!”

Sam brought 4 different outfits for the session and each looked amazing on her. She bought lots of the lingerie and accessories at Victoria’s Secret. Other parts of the looks were pieces she had that played up her personality.

  • Boy shorts, tank top, & baseball hat for a casual look, representing IU where her boyfriend and she first met.
  • Matching bra & panty set with a black blazer for a power suit vibe. Playing up the sexy business professional!
  • Matching bra, panty & garter set with a black fur vest for something totally glam and over-the-top.
  • Lingerie bustier and panties with fishnet stockings. Super sexy!!


Since we had such an amazing shoot, I asked Sam to share a little bit of advice for others who may want to have a boudoir session in the future. Here’s what she had to say:     “I absolutely loved my experience with Aaron and Elizabeth at 4 Girls Glamour! While I was nervous about the experience, having never done something like this before, they made me at ease with their experience and expertise. They kept the shoot fun and light-hearted and the finished product…well that’s just amazing!  Trust the process and the professionals! While something may seem funny to you at the time, the pose or look will turn out amazing on camera! Be bold and go for it—you won’t regret the memories of these pictures!

That’s definitely solid advice!

“My favorite part of the session was feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model when Aaron turned on a fan to get some shots of me with my hair blowing back! Total dream come true!”





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