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Why we love creating Heirloom Albums for our clients...

While the session is of course the best part of our job, we are just as passionate about designing an album for you as the most unique gift you can give to your spouse, and a reminder of the amazing gift this experience is for you.

Boudoir Investment Guide

Our Products

Luxury Albums

Our line of Albums are handcrafted to be cherished for a lifetime.  A luxury product you will enjoy for years to come.

Choose either a 10X10 or 8X8

50 image | 3400

40 image | 2900

30 image | 2400

20 image | 1900 (8x8 only)

Wall art

Available in Canvas, Metal, Wood or Standout

11x16 | 350

16x24 | 500

20x30 | 625

More sizes available

Digital Images

Must be purchased in addition to print products.

Full Resolution 125/each

Mobile App Image 75/each

Mobile App 20 Images | 1500


Designed for high quality fine art display.

8x10 | 125

11x14 | 135

16x20 | 325

More sizes available

Image Boxes | BOOK

They offer a unique way to display your images and a stylish method of preserving them.

5x7 25 image | 2200

5x7 10 image | 1200

12 image Little Black Book | 1200

The elizabeth

A little way to remind him how lucky he is every single day!

2 Luxury Albums 40 images Each

3 Fine Art Images up to 20X30

Custom Photo App (accompanying images)


9800 (30% Savings)


The Veronica

7200(30% Savings)

Luxury Album (50 images)

3 Wall Art up to 20X30

Custom Photo App 
(accompanying images)

High Rez Digital IMAGES
(accompanying images)

The Adriana

6000(30% Savings)

Luxury Album (40 images)

3 Wall Art up to 16X24

Custom Photo App (accompanying images)

High Rez Digital IMAGES
(accompanying images)

The Erica

3900(20% savings)

Luxury Album (30 Images)

3 Prints up to 16X24

Custom Photo App (accompanying images)

Social Media Files (watermarked accompanying images)

The Jana

1500(20% savings)

Little Black Book w/12 images

Custom Photo App (accompanying images)

Social Media Files (watermarked accompanying images)

These products will induce envy among friends! 

Payment plans available!  

No purchase necessary, 350 minimum order.

Set up a phone consult for more info!

About 4 Girls Glamour

4 Girls Glamour’s ultimate goal is to make all women look and feel beautiful. This experience is all about you and focusing on your beauty and grace. Every women wants to feel, and be reminded, that she is beautiful and sexy. We find the beauty in you and capture it.

Describing a style is sometimes more difficult than it seems. There are certainly adjectives that we can use to describe how we see 4 Girls Glamour: sexy, sophisticated, edgy, avant-garde, fashionable. But these are just words, 4 Girls Glamour’s style is more of a feeling; an experience. When you are being photographed by us – you will feel fun, powerful, lighthearted, stunning, on top of the world. Because that is how we envision our clients. We take the time to get to know you – to learn what will evoke the natural smile, what will cause you to show your sensual side, perhaps even a tear or two, what will allow you to just be you. That is what makes our photos stand out – the experience that allows the inner you to shine.

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you. Song of Solomon 4:7